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100 Route de la Paoute
06130 GRASSE LE PLAN France
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• After leaving the “City of Fragrances” a year ago, Domain de Regusse wanted to expand. It then decided to come back to Grasse. Patrice Jérome and Christian Munier who run « Caves et vignobles de Régusse » decided to give the franchise for a new wine shop to Jean-Pierre Luck.

•  After travelling all over the world, this highly skilled management executive decided to settle down on the French Riviera to devote himself to his passion for oenology.

•  He intends on making his wine cellar a lively place where he can share his love for wine with his clients through the Domain de Regusse’s products. He says “wines of the Domain, the biggest vineyard of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, give me subjects to speak about with enthusiasm and a chance to share the nobility of local wines of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence”.

• Amongst the range of products which he offers in his store, around thirty red, rosés and white wines offer their subtle aromas and their warm flavors. Some champagnes (Deutz, Gonet, Vollereaux, Nicolas Feuillatte) and vintage wines of France (Burgundies, Côtes du Rhône , Chateauneuf of the Pope and Bordeaux in particular), come to complete the range of the Domain of Régusse, without forgetting delicious local specialties like olive oils and other delicatessen…

• The official inauguration of this new cellar took place in June 2008 for the general public. The amateurs can taste all the wines of the Domain de Régusse on the spot in the same conditions as in the cellar of the domain and regularly benefit from promotions.

• This store, which has a private car park of about ten lots, is situated on 100 road of la Paoute in Grasse, 300m away from St Donat golf, in the direction of the Plan de Grasse.
It is open from 10AM to 1PM and from 3PM to 8PM from Tuesday to Saturday evening.

Our Passion

• If wine is above all a story of terroirs, it also is a story of people, passion and lifestyle.
Staff at Regusse, keen architects of their vineyards, is proud to share their wines with passionate consumers and their know-how of a friendly vine growing environment.


Most of our wines should be kept in a wine cellar. They will improve in time by bringing curvature and sharpness to delicately match your meals. We offer :
• Vintage wines of France (Burgundies, Châteauneuf of the Pope, Several Bordeaux)
• Champagne (Dry, Extra dry, Rosé) : Deutz, Vollereaux, Nicolas Feuillatte, Gonet
• Olive oils

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• Domain de Regusse is the biggest wine growing estate of the Hautes-Alpes and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the second of the region PACA with its 242ha of vineyards. This property of 330ha is distributed over 3 areas : "Cassagne" close to Pierrevert village ( 04 ) a few kilometers from Manosque, “Revest” at the foot of the Luberon mountain and "Regusse", the most important of the 3.

• This variety of micro-climates spread over various grounds and different soils; even if they remain essentially clayey and chalky, give out a magnificently successful and interesting blending of vines.

• The Domain has been founded in 1970. It results of the pioneer will of the Dieudonné’s family who created this vineyard practically "ex nihilo". It is henceforth, since 2003, " Caves et Vignobles de Regusse " Group, steered by Christian Munier (President) and Patrice Jérome (General manager), who manages the business with passion and oversees a network of around thirty cellars in France, the only places where one can find wines of the domain in France (you will find all wine shops addresses on www.domaine-de-regusse.com). At present, the wine shop in Grasse is the only one in the Alpes Maritimes but more shops will open within the next three years.

• The full South exposure, the height of 400 to 500m and the molasses of Pierrevert are very favorable factors to the culture of wines of original vines amongst which naming AOC hillsides of Pierrevert, very often rewarded in the biggest French contests for the three types of wine (red, white and rosé). A plot of land is also completely dedicated to the organic farming and gave birth to the red wine called "Bastide des Oliviers ", grenache and syrah blending which give a wine matured in oak barrel, tannic, warm and very pleasant to taste.

• The Domain de Regusse always privileged strictly defined and cultural methods. The grounds are carefully taken care of and this plays an essential role. A watchful care is given to vineyards along each period of the vegetative cycle, so as to obtain a healthy grape at the required maturity.

• A sharp control of the returns is made. We are based on 3 main focus :

• Keeping on the efforts to perfect the delicacy of wines by improving the quality of the grapes.
• Bringing total guarantees to the consumer on the quality of the product and the food safety.
• Developing an ethics of production, respecting the environment, the soil, heritage and traditions.
• The grape harvest is almost completely mechanized, and the managers of the Domain make sure the grape harvesters are technically the best on the market in order to use the most competitive machines.

Our know-how

• Thanks to the incomparable wealth of its Provencal ground and a perfect microclimate, essentially due to the height of vineyards, our winery elaborates wines that subtly express the richness and the complexity of our local vines.


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